Deck : Claire Mack’s Faceted Garden Oracle

[***English below the French]

“Trois Royaumes
Deux courants
Réunis à travers le temps
Sois prudent
À ce qui monte
Et qui descend
Dans le flot
Du courant
Écoute bien
Écoute bien
Les murmures
Sur le fil du vent”


“Three Realms
Two currents
Reunited beyond times
Be attentive
Be careful
To what comes up
Or what comes down
In the flow of the current
Listen well
Listen well
To the whispers
On the back of the wind.”

This poetic fragments was originally published on Instagram, as an outburst of creativity discovering Claire Mack’s Oracle decks. Find the article below :

“It’s really tough to put words onto the intensity and subtly of experiencing these new decks. (Faceted Garden here) ‘s oracles are mind-blowing to me. I have waited at least a whole year to get the first one, which I allowed myself thanks to the kickstarter campaign. Indeed, the second oracle struck my heart so strongly, that I decided to make my move to get both decks, while saving a bit on international shipping. There are moments when despite my love for certain artists, I try to be cautious and mindful of my consumption of decks. I had to wait. Each month delaying the thought again. Trying to see if I could do without. The thing is, when I saw the pictures of the second one, after more than a year of waiting, I had gained better knowledge of myself and my art (seership) so that I *knew* why Claire’s art was like a arrow piercing my heart each time. I finally received the decks and opened them this weekend. I know I was right. The textures of her art, the delicious, powerful abstraction of her symbols… I’ve heard so many whispers and so many poems in my ears while holding the cards, the energy is so strong that I had to put them on the side. I’m gonna cherish my time alone with the decks, but I may offer very special spirit work readings starting November with these two.”