An update for my English followers that are either new, or who didn’t get here from Instagram.

Last spring I was honoured to be asked by a fellow French pagan artist (Zedoras, Sabine Cazassus) to beta-test her deck. It is a tiny cute deck that surprised me a lot. I’ve been writing about it on Instagram and on my blog, for the reason mentioned above, you might have missed it. I think the adventure was fun and interesting, so I’m sharing with you here.

Deck receiving, a short word in English on how it all began.

Explaining what it meant on my path as a tarot reader and writer. It’s in French, but you can try google trad. The gist of it was that I felt called to close my Etsy shop last fall (wow it’s been a year), and I was opening myself to a path of both writing and artistic collaboration (making interviews, trying to do collective blog series, etc). When I did, this opportunity just came up. That was a marvel to witness. I wanted to try and help artist make the best of their potential when creating a deck, and I had found someone who was willing to dive in and accept the scrutiny of my eyes and mind.

Here is the first guidance draw I did, encountering the Spirit of the deck in my daily life. It appeared right away that the deck was soft and warm, an excellent support for story-telling. It was responding full well in the totally free form of the daily reading.

Here is the first example of question oriented draw. I had drawn a lot of 3 cards to begin with that deck, that number felt very comfortable and efficient. As used to line of 5 from 2 years of Lenormand learning, I wanted to try that too. It felt more difficult to see what patterned emerged from the cards, to see groups of cards, but the result was still good and interesting. When writing about it in French on my blog, I tried the technique to put words on it like a story. It worked well.

Here I used the deck outside during a walk, and it turned out the deck took on the spiritual elements of that day. I asked a very mundane question to help process some feelings, and the cards actually showed me a Spirit Tree that had been calling me. They reflected exactly the underlying pattern of that walk, and what was on the verge of my mind, in the muddy area where I was unsure of my intuition. French article here.

And this week, as I was filled with joy knowing that Sabine had finally launched her kickstarter to try and get the deck into the world, I did a new spread to confirm what it was capable of. It’s a pleasure to use this deck, each and every time. This time patterns emerged to show how to group the cards, and they made proper group of meanings, even sentences. I wrote under that picture a sort of synthesis of that deck personality. It is really an amazing deck, of utter simplicity, but full efficiency. I don’t like cute decks, it really doesn’t appeal to me in my practice. But this one had something different, something alive. I think it is the proof that some artist are just connected, and when they create something they give it life and Spirit.

If you know anyone who would be curious about trying this modern, mundane and spiritual deck, I would be so grateful that you share. If you know anyone who loves cute images, sort of Japan inspired aesthetics, please share. I really wish this deck gets into the world, it has the potential to help and accompany so many people. Please spread to get backers. <3

To get another point of view on the White Fox, you can find Cathou‘s review in English on her blog.