Spiritual Services

1°) I’ve been a Seeress for Pagan fellows for many years now. If you need a reading on a specifically animist or polytheist topics, you can contact me at valiel (dot) elentari (at) gmail (dot) com. Those are my specialty as a Spirit-Worker. But I also offer shadow work readings, mundane readings. Just contact me.

If you’re looking for regular support, know that I’m offering a tier on Patreon (Polytheistic or Animistic Devout (T4) – 35 USD) where you get one personal spiritual reading with me each month to follow you on your path.

2°) I’ve also been a Priestess for many years, even though I had been asked to serve the Spirits more often than my fellow humans. What can I do for you as a Prietess?

  • A lot of my services are written pieces on priesthood, animist, polytheism, certain deities… Let me know what kind of things you would like to know ; you can commission a piece.
  • I organize polytheist online rituals twice a month. My audience is mostly French, but we’ve had at least one billingual ritual since I started. If the people would gather, I could host specifically English sessions.
  • My most steady work right now is serving the Morrigan and Freyja. If you need something tied to those deities, meeting them, getting a message across, working on their symbol… let me know.
  • I host a Grief Ritual with Freyja and the Ocean once every two months (almost once a month). It is a private live through Zoom, for 8 people maximum (Price 10 to 15 USD, sliding scale). You may want to translate this page to learn more. Please let me know if you need info on this

Editing, translation, writing commissions

1°) Indie Creators – Perfecting your Book(let)

You are an indie deck creator, but you’re less sure of the writing as of the artwork? I can offer you a professional analytic review of your manuscript. I can proofread your booklet, not for spelling, for content. I can offer advice on book structure, logic of the writing, synthesize strong and weak points, suggest points to add, etc. Everything to make your book clearer, better for the card user.

2°) Indie Creators – Bridging the Gap (Eng-Fr)

You are an indie deck creator, and you wish to complement your booklet with a French translation to reach a wider audience. I’ll translate from English to French for you, as I’ve been practicing for more than 10 years.Price is indicative. We can discuss a proper estimate and adjust the Tier to your project (number of pages).

3°) Indie Creators – Completing your Book(let)

A) You’ve written your booklet and you know certain things are missing? You can ask me for specific pieces of writing to add to your book(let) : an introduction, unique card spreads for your deck, additionnal keywords, meditations, … We can discuss the exact nature of what you want, and how much time and work is needed to meet your requirements.

B) Another scenario is you know you want more in your book(let), but you don’t know what? The first thing is to commission a professional editing review (“Perfecting your book(let)” above), then I can write the suggestions I find myself. Lots of discussion will happen for us to be sure we’re on the same page and we fill your needs.