So here is an English page for my international followers. This page is going to need some time to be written, for there are quite a few explanations to be given. But I’ll try to keep it structured so that you can find the information you need.

Who Am I ?

A Pagan sharing online

My name is Valiel. You can also find me under the name “Valiel Elentari” online, which arose when joining Facebook, where I was required to enter a two-part name. I started writing online in the English-speaking pagan community around  2010. Gosh, it’s been ten years at the moment that I’m writing this text now. The thing is, the French pagan sphere is very different from the American and global ones, and when I started following the path of the Gods and Spirits, I couldn’t find like-minded people. Browsing through sites, blogs, social media, I came across numerous blogs of pagan fellows over the world, and finally found writings that corresponded to my beliefs and practices: that of a devotional hard polytheist and spirit-worker. Since I’ve always been eager to exchange and discuss in length, it was natural to me to create a English blog, parallel to my French ones. Thus, I shared bits and pieces on my unsubtle blog “Valiel’s Notes in English“, but also through online boards that are now mostly deceased (Northern Tradition, Spirit-Work on the Heartroad, FB groups). I’m currently unsure if I am going to import the content of that old blog here and delete the old one (that would be ideal, but I’m such a sentimental…) or if I’m gonna leave the archives there, and just start fresh on “Sur le Seuil” – aka, “On the Threshold”.

What I do believe and do?

I’m a hard polytheist, which means I believe in the existence of each and every God/dess for himself/herself. They are real, have their own identity, personality and agency.

I have started on a purely eclectic polytheist path for years, a journey exploring cultures and pantheons, looking for what resonated with me (Gaulish, Greek, Germanic, Norse, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, South-American, …). With time, my alliances revealed themselves and I ended up with two pillars of faith and practice: Celtic and Norse polytheism. I still believe in all the other Gods and Goddesses, I just don’t honour them and work with them on a regular basis.

I’m also an animist, I believe in the existence of a spirit in all things, individual and collective. I have undergone certain trials, found allies, and accepted duties. I have called this “spirit-work”, a term I found online between 2010 and 2013 in the “Northern Tradition” (Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera mostly). I don’t share the exact same definition as they do. I used the term in replacement of “shaman” which belonged to another culture and made me feel uncomfortable. I found the term spirit-work practical to describe what I was actually doing, not something I pretended to be: a modern practice that had no tie to a tradition (tribal or communal living, oral tradition, uninterrupted line of transmission, etc), which I could use for my modern practice ; the intensity and frequency of my practices ; the alliances, pacts and duties I had ; the professional nature of the path (even though I didn’t get paid) ; etc. To be short. I did some death-work (mediumship to help the dead), thread-work (or wyrd-work), Land-work throughout the years.

I’ve been working with the Morrigan since 2009, and I have accepted to be her priestess since the summer 2014. I hold an online space dedicated to her, as a form of online shrine, where I share information, resources, translations : l’Antre de Morrigan. It’s directed at the French-speaking community, which lacks resources in our language.

I’ve been a seeress since I was a pre-teenager (meaning my extra-sensorial perceptions blossomed when I was just before 12), even though I didn’t practice regularly and seriously until ten years after. I started to commit to reading cards and mediumship in 2012, and I never stopped since. I specialized in spiritual readings for the polytheist and pagan community, even though I did readings for friends, contacts and clients on all topics (relationships, creativity, work place, etc). I held an Etsy shop from 2013 to 2018. My services are dedicated to several of my Allies, one of which is the Morrigan. I also experimented in several creative channelling (I wish I had another term for that; in French we use the term “mediumship” rather) : channelling energies and messages from the Otherworld for people through drawing mandalas ; channelling Gods, Spirits, messages through weaving and putting beads together.

Where Can I Find English Content ?

Free Online Content

Instagram : I first began my Instagram by writing everything in English. Since with time I had less and less time to write on my own English blog, I decided to keep it always so. With time, I reconnected with my French fellows there, but everything is at least bilingual.

Youtube : there are not many of them, but I do plan on making some reviews and videos in English on my channel. Look for the Playlist “My English Videos” if you need to save time. The most recent video I did (Herbcrafter Tarot) is a Patreon exclusive.

My hope is to continue writing in English through this site-blog and/or Patreon (I started to blog in English on Patreon, but I’ve begun to find it unpractical). Let’s have a quick look at the website:

  • First tip: The category “Cabinet de Voyance” (under “Naviguer entre les portails”) holds space for all my writing on cards and seership. It’s mostly in French, but A) I translate spreads and give the original links, which would then be accessible to you, B) any article here that is an extension from an Instagram post will present the original link, and as I said before, my IG posts are always in English so you’ll get the gist of them.
  • Second tip: for all the articles they don’t have an Instagram post in English, you can try using google translate. I also put buttons on the top right side of the website (under the search bar) to automatically switch between languages ; just click on a flag. But that will have many defects, as you all know.
  • Third tip: my poetic fragments are mostly written in English first, and only translated into French afterwards. Which means that this section, “Fragments poétiques“, will be accessible to you.

More to come.

Supporting Independant Writing and Accessing Exclusive Content on Patreon

I started my Patreon in the summer 2019 to answer both audiences, my fellow French pagans, and my English followers and contacts. The fact is that want and need to write and exchange points of views. It took me a while to allow myself to call myself a writer. But I finally did, and realized that if I could, I would sit all day writing both in French and English, and translate articles and books from one language to the other. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the bill… So I opened a Patreon to get as little support as I could, because any contribution is welcome to help me continue writing as much as I would like to. Especially since translating myself requires twice the amount of just writing for one public. And I also have many essays I wish to write solely for English readers.

Topics available there:

  • tarot, oracle, seership
  • thoughts comparing French / International paganisms
  • polytheism, animism
  • personal testimonies of working with the land
  • thoughts on cultural appropriation
  • private short videos of places
  • private videos of deck reviews (stuff I’m not comfortable sharing in public yet, and to give exclusive content to my international readers that does contribute financially)

Unfortunately, I’m in between jobs, and I don’t have enough time to write as much as I wish I could. You can still start by checking out the public section of the Patreon though! There are free English articles (use the tag “English” to find it). If you want to get an idea of other topics that were tackled inside the paywall, you can check the other tags.


I sent my a few of early poems and one essay as a young Pagan to the following collective projects :

I’m currently working on a bilingual spiritual poetry collection, and a collective anthology on pagan “Fallow Times” with Sarenth Odinsson.

Working with Me

I offer different kinds of services, from seership to private consulting for tarot creators. I started a summary of my English Services on the website here.