John Beckett’s last post “Premonitions and Disturbances and I’m Not Sure What’s Going On” rang a bell.

I’ll be curious to know what other people think of this, what it evokes to them, how they make sense of such occurrences. Please if you have any thoughts, in English or French, via comments or blogs, let me know (let him know too). (I’m also going to try and dig my blog archives from the Golden 2010-2013 blog Era, for people may have tackled that subject already, and I may have saved it). If you have any resource on that subject, leave a message! I be sure to add that to the bottom of the post.

I’m not sure what to share exactly on this topic, because it creates inside me an echo that is not verbal. I wonder if this is an indication of some sort. I wonder if this isn’t what John’s friends also experience : a form of intuition that is very deep and has no words. Personally, this is my case. It is something that, if it doesn’t happen in it, that my body perceives. Most people think of the expression “I feel it in my gut”, but does it? It’s true that sometimes intuition comes from the gut, but it is more varied than that in my experience. Sometimes in behind the left shoulder, sometimes it’s behind the head (maybe also left side in that case), sometimes it’s in my hands, sometimes it’s… Different. Have you actually taken the time to pose and study your body sensations when you receive an insight or divine? That is essential divinatory or mediumnic or intuitive work (whatever word you choose).

The case of larger “premonitions”, as John proposed to call them, I associate with larger perceptions. Something as wide as the sense of danger. Either something that can come from behind, or something all around me. I have observed, at times, that my whole body is alert, that each cell of my skin is like a mirror, no rather a receptor, not of light or humidity but of that thing lurking. The whole surface of my body a receptacle of perception, turned towards the outside, like invisible tentacles.

What do I do when I feel this then? Even though I try to meditate and identify the feeling itself, very quickly (because I have a hard time setting the proper place and peace of mind to do so) I turn to divination, just like John. Using a tool that is not myself will be easier than tuning in and creating the response. Having an object with a method and visual cues is easier than deep introspection and vision (yes, I guess that makes me lazy then). I can’t remember the last time I felt sometimes like this though, and how I managed, to provide an example. But sometimes, indeed, I don’t get much. Sometimes I get answers that doesn’t show on this world, that show people, events things, that do not exist in this reality, as if I saw an alternate one. For years now, I’ve been under the impression that the feelings of danger, if they are the clearest ones, are the hardest to identify. Because they stem from that muddy place that is the gut, or some place of the body that is deep, hard to connect to words.

At this point I have another image to share. Nothing special or particularly original, you may have already read it before: It’s that of the Web. More than any other intuitive cues, the impressions of doom or danger make me feel connected to the Everything. It can be someone we love who is on danger. Somehow, our care extends our Self (body, mind and perceptions). I could be smart and link this spiritual phenomenon to the concept of Sorge (Heidegger), and the theories of space and ecology. But I don’t really have time for that (that would require to be a full time writer and translator). Anyway, when we care for other people more, while being people with open intuition (as opposed to shut down), we extend our intuition to their safety. But sometimes, when we check close ones each after the other, no one has experienced trouble. Where does it leave us? Were we wrong? Are we crazy? I don’t think so. Sometimes I think we can feel danger that is not related to us or our close ones. We feel something geographically close, or thematically close, or whatever link exist there (some could be included in Sorge, other not). We are embedded into circles and circles and circles. Which one is concerned when those feelings arise? Like spiders in a web, tingle just the tiny thread at the bottom of the huge net, and it’s all the web that is vibrating up to us. We can connect to the Land and its inhabitants. I’ve got a few acquaintances who get extremely tense and sick before a catastrophy. The kind of people who got sick a full weekend (sometimes even week) before the tiphoon and Fukushima exploded, and also in some smaller regional events the world do not talk about. (We’ve just had an industrial disaster here in the North of France last month for example).

Sometimes it’s going to be nothing. And it’s OK. Sometimes it’s nothing in the visible, and we will never know. We have to accept that. It’s better to have an alert system in place than none to me, so I take it as it is. Of course, it requires maintenance sometimes. Good sleep, good food, body activity, etc. As you know, every practitioner is recommended to ground and center regularly. It also applies in this field. Aligning the selves and purifying so as to be sure to get clear signals, to avoid “fakes”, to recalibrate.

This might be a bit anticlimactic to leave it here, to end on those battered ideas, but I’m unsure what to add next. I didn’t dig in the same direction John did, but I agree that the state of the world is deteriorating and that danger seems to be always closer than before. Our sense of peace might be hard to restore, sometimes impossible. Hence our sense of danger can be triggered way more easily than before.