Voici qui me rend bien curieuse. Lisa McLoughlin, l’auteur du magnifique et rafraîchissant “Tree Wisdom Cards” que je présentais ici, est en train de finaliser un nouveau set de cartes sur un concept qui a l’air tout à fait intéressant :


Have you ever felt that you would like to have beautiful cards that can systematically help you process and work through ideas? I know I have. Not just relying on your intuitive wisdom, but also having an underlying practical structure to work through.

Drawing on the Seasons of Nature and Permaculture Design tools and principles, I am creating a deck of cards (#lifedesigncards) for personal development use. I love the idea of a deck of cards that can serve as an intuitive deck, and can be worked through in a particular order to cover multi-faceted aspects of problem solving. All you need are the cards, a journal and a little time set aside.”

Source : https://www.lisamcloughlinart.com/coming-soon/